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Is The Punisher a hero or villain? - Quora Jan 31, 2018 · Answer Wiki. The punisher, kind of shares qualities from both sides which is what makes him an antihero. The punisher has the intentions of a hero as he does look out for the innocent and fights for good reasons. The punisher fights criminals to prevent atrocities, like the punisher’s origin story, from happening to somebody else. Additionally,... The Top 10 Marvel Anti-Heroes - ScreenGeek Sep 21, 2015 · The Punisher. By next year, his story will have been told four times on screen. Folks can’t get enough of the leather jacket, skull shirt wearing, human machine gun. He’s even found himself alongside hip-hop’s anti-hero: Eminem. The Punisher: A Philosophical Exploration Of The Anti-Hero Sep 06, 2017 · Frank Castle took audiences by storm after his appearance in Daredevil Season 2. He blew up half of Hell’s Kitchen while taking out the trash, and even battled against The Man in … How do you justify a gun-toting hero like the Punisher in

Is The Punisher a hero or villain? - Quora

The Best Anti-Heroes in Comics - Ranker An anti-hero is defined as a leading character in a story who typically lacks heroic qualities ... Punisher is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Anti-Heroes ... Killing Eve vs. the Punisher, or Antiheroes Are Stupid - Escapist ... Apr 23, 2019 ... Is Villanelle an antihero? Killing Eve' Villanelle (Jodi Comer) is a Russian assassin and all-around psychopath who loves high fashion and ...

Being a murder savant makes for a compelling anti-hero in a comic book or television show, but here in the real world, focusing on mental illness is often how we explain mass shootings. Netflix’s Punisher is unique to the world of modern superhero movies that has largely been lighter hearted and murder-free.

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Netflix's Marvel antihero 'The Punisher' explores the toll of violence ...

Anti-Heroes: Black Cat (The Punisher) - - Wattpad Book 5 In the moment, revenge is sweet. It's a high like no other. But, the sweeter the high, the more bitter the crash.Get notified when Anti-Heroes: Black Cat (The Punisher) is updated. Bone Deep: The Relationship Between The Punisher And The… The Punisher, aka Frank Castle, is a former Force Reconnaissance Marine and Vietnam War veteran, though in newer issues his military service has become more nebulous, hinting at the character’s involvement in more recent conflicts.“I don’t think the Punisher is a hero; he’s an anti-hero. Review: The Punisher is everything that’s wrong with... | WIRED… The Punisher is not a superhero. He's not even a hero. Usually framed as a one-man war on the Mafia and organised crime, the character is at best an anti-hero: a gun-toting, murderous sometimes-protagonist, driven by trauma following the death of his family and who is only painted as the 'good...